• About Us
    Our nursery is designed to provide age appropriate rooms for babies, young toddlers, toddlers and pre-school age children.

    The nursery is divided into 7 main working areas. This consists of:

    1. Baby Room (with a separate sleeping area, with each baby having their own cot)
    2. Little Toddlers
    3. Big Toddlers
    4. Little Group
    5. Middle Group 
    6. Top Group (Pre-School)

    Each room is designed and equipped with age appropriate furniture and resources.
    Every child has their own key worker.This person is responsible for planning each individual child’s next steps.

    The atmosphere within the nursery is extremely informal, with excellent relationships between staff, children and parents.

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    Our Vision 

    Plant the seeds of dreams. 

    Water them with confidence and self-belief. 

    Feed them with persistence and independence. 

    Nurture them with tolerance and understanding. 

    Harvest the fruits of achievement and success

    Our Aims

    To provide a high-quality nursery experience, where children are at the heart of everything that happens

    To create a safe, appealing and inspiring nursery environment where children thrive and learn

    To build secure and trusting relationships with children and their families, valuing parents as their children’s first and most important educators

    To celebrate diversity, appreciating and respecting the things that make each child unique

    To continuously strive to improve the nursery into the best that it can be.

    Our Ethos

    Since we first opened in September 1990 with only a few team members and a handful of children, we have always maintained a strong family ethos, a home-from-home feel.  It’s something we believe to be at the heart of our nursery.

    We want the best for all our children, families, and our team.  We have a strong emphasis on building a healthy team as we believe that: Happy Team = Happy Families.  We try our best to create a setting in which our team know that they are valued and supported, and not just there to do a ‘job’.  A healthy, happy team creates a healthy, happy nursery environment and a positive friendly atmosphere for the children to flourish in.