• The nursery now has a mobile phone – 07566 775651. This number can be used to contact nursery if the landline is out of order.

    We welcome parents suggestions and comments, either via email to cranknurseryltd@btconnect.com or in our  new suggestion box in the corridor.


    Thank you to everyone who filled in our recent questionnaires, your views are very important to us and we will take all your points into consideration.

    Please remember that all the children enjoy outdoor activities all year round, please ensure your child has a suitable coat and footwear with them at all times at nursery. Thank you.

    Tesco Bags of Help for the Nursery has now come to an end and we are awaiting the results. As soon as we find out how much we have been awarded we will let you know.

    We are delighted to say we now have a new interactive smart board for the children to use. The children are loving the hands on interactive activities it offers and we will be adding more activities as the children become more familiar with it.

    Baby Room

    As we move into spring we will be changing our displays so all of our babies have been busy with painting activities, we do have couple of babies who attempt to paint themselves as well as the paper! We continue to introduce a wide variety of activities to promote development in all areas, the babies favourite is action rhymes and song with lots of clapping and arm movements.

    We are going to make edible sand for one of our messy activities, if this is a success we will give you the recipe for you to try at home. We are planning more walks to see the spring flowers so please make sure hats and coats are provided. Can we also ask for family photographs to us in our displays? Thank you.

    Caroline, Lindsay, Kath and Anita


    Little Toddlers

    We would like to welcome Luke and Myla to our group. Throughout March, to celebrate world book day we will enjoy lots of reading and  will be learning new stories. The children are becoming increasingly inquisitive and particularly enjoy story time and nursery rhymes

    Liz, Brenda, Louise and Jo


    Big Toddlers

    This month we will continue to learn all about families. If you haven’t already done so, please bring in some family photos. The children love to share their family photos with their friends and look at the photos on display during the day. We will also be learning about things that fly, such as rockets, aeroplanes, birds and bugs etc. Could we also please ask you to keep an adequate supply of nappies in nursery? Thank you.

    Lindsay, Paula, Nicola, Nicola and Barbara


    Little Group

    The children are currently working on the topic of ‘The Farm’. They have been working on a wonderful display and have been including all the areas of learning in our activities. As the month progresses we will be learning about growing and new life, planting and talking about baby animals. If you haven’t already could you please bring in family photos, the children love to point out their families on the display and we want to make sure everyone is included. Please take a moment to look at your children’s work decorating our room.

    Amy, Lesley & Jemma


    Middle Group

    The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the outdoors and taking part in lots of sensory activities. To follow on from this in the coming weeks the children will exploring spring, learning about patterns and change in the environment and spring animals.

    We are currently enjoying book week and the children are showing lots of enthusiasm and interest for classic children’s stories. On Thursday 7th March the children can dress up in their favourite story book character. On Friday 8th March the children will be receiving a visit from a local librarian who will share some popular children’s stories.

    To enhance our family board could you please bring in some family photos for the children to discuss during continuous provision alongside their peers and during keyworker time.

    Leonie, Adele, Natalie Lucy, Elaine and Yasmin


    Top Group

    Thank you to everyone who attended our stay and play session, it was a great success and we really appreciate your support. Our next session is called ‘Read with me’ and will be held on the 20th March 10 am to 10.30 am,  if you are available please pop in and read with your child.

    The week beginning 4th March is book week, we will be will be focusing on a different book each day; don’t forget to dress up on Thursday as your favourite character.

    From 11th March for two weeks we will be learning about ‘People who help us’. We have a wide variety of outside agencies coming in to visit i.e. dentist, police, nurse and many more. If you are in a suitable job role and feel like you could talk to the children please speak to a member of staff to arrange this.

    Please don’t forget Photograph day is 28th March. If you attend this day and want to bring in a change of clothes you are more than welcome. If this is not your day please ring and make an appointment. The photographer will also be taking graduation photos for our school leavers.

    Parents evening will be held on the evening of Tuesday 30th April, if you haven’t returned your slip requesting your appointment please do so as soon as possible.

    Natalie, Lyndsey, Claire, Chloe and Charlotte.