• Ruby is 4 Emily is 1
    Charlie is 3 Molly is 3
    Joshua is 3 Ethan is 2
    Thomas 3  

    Happy Birthday to you all!


    2 year old Checks

    Once your child turns 2 your health visitor will contact you regarding their 2 year old check . The nursery works alongside the health visitor/ nursery nurses to provide relevant information regarding your child’s development. Could you please speak to your child’s keyworker at nursery as soon as you are contacted by your health visitor so we can gather the relevant information and discuss it with you before their appointment. The health visitor will then visit nursery to provide feedback after your child’s 2 year old check . Thank you for your support in this.

    Please drive responsibly and slowly in our car park, and remember that there are always small children around so please take extra care.


    Baby Room

    Could you please help us by applying sun cream to your baby prior to arrival at the nursery and remembering to bring a sun hat.

    We would also like to request a photograph of any family pets you may have for us to display and talk about.

    We have enjoyed lots of messy activities and water play and we are hoping to continue this throughout July, along with singing and number, colours & language activities.

    All babies are progressing well with some shuffling, crawling and pulling to stand. Bumps and bruises on the horizon, sorry!

    Sarah, Caroline, Lindsay, Kath & Anita


    Little Toddlers

    To make the most of the hot and sunny weather we will continue to take the indoors outside, we will be enjoying water play, damp sand and lots more messy play. Please make sure your child has sun cream and a hat in their bag.

    Natalie, Claire, Charlotte & Louise


    Big Toddlers

    We will continue to enjoy outdoor play in the mornings, but while the very hot weather is here we will use our judgement in the afternoons. Please make sure you apply sun cream before arriving.

    We have been having lots of water, foam and messy play, so please make sure your child has spare summer clothes in their bag.

    Brenda, Liz, Paula, Barbara and Nicola


    Little Group

    We will carry on with mini beasts this month as the children are really enjoying it. We will be going on a bug hunt to collect and inspect our own mini beasts.

    We will then move on to ‘by the seaside’. Whilst the weather is good could you please provide a swimming costume / shorts, so we have them available each day to use during our outside water play.

    Lesley, Chloe & Andrea


    Younger Middle Group

    Over the next couple of weeks we our topic will be ‘At the seaside’. We will be exploring the sand and building sandcastles, having fun splashing in the paddling pools and doing lots of craft activities. If your child has a spare swimming costume could you please leave on in their box, and please apply sun cream before you drop them at nursery so we can start our activities straight away.

    If you have any photos of your child at the beach, please bring then in for us to share them at discussion time.

    Thank you

    Jacob Lindsay & Leonie


    Older Middle Group

    In July we will be doing ‘summer holidays’ , can we please ask you to bring in one photograph of you on your holidays or at the beach so we can talk about it and put it in our display.

    Can we also please ask you to bring swimming costumes for our activities and water play, along with a sun hat and sun cream and please apply sun cream before you bring your child to nursery.

    Thank you

    Kerry, Jo & Jemma


    Top Group

    The children have loved our circus topic over the past few weeks, we have enjoyed lots of creative activities and circus tricks.

    Now that it is officially summer and we have the weather to match we are moving on to summer fun and holidays, we have lots of exciting activities planned including pool parties, milk shake making and ice cream tasting and we will have our very own indoor beach.

    If you have a holiday or days out planned please send us a post card and share your photographs.

    Please ensure your child has a spare change of weather appropriate clothing, especially as we have lots of water activities planned.

    We have a number of children who still haven’t brought sun cream into nursery, for the safety of your child this is essential and due to the number of children we have we would appreciate if you could apply sun cream before they come to nursery for the morning session and we will re-apply in the afternoon.

    Gemma, Adele, Lyndsey, Natalie, Elaine, Natalie and Amy