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Happy Birthday to you all!

The 100 Club winners for September are Isla Mcknight and Yvonne Sharrock.

Baby Room
Welcome to our new babies Sam, Nate, Evelyn and Emily, we will spend this month making sure your transition from home to nursery life goes as smoothly as possible. Could we ask you to bring in some family photos for our display as this will help with the settling in process. Thank you.
We will be doing lots of messy activities throughout September, such as painting and porridge play and introducing lots of new textures.
Sarah, Caroline, Lindsay, Kath, Anita & Yvonne

Little Toddlers
We will be concentrating on helping the new children in our room settle in this month, getting to know each other and learning our likes and dislikes. We will also be learning about autumn this month, creating lots of art and enjoying lots of messy play.
Natalie, Claire, Charlotte & Louise

Big Toddlers
We would like to say a big hello to our new children who have moved up from little toddlers and to those that are new to the nursery. Could we please ask for family photos for our displays around the room, these encourage the children to talk about their families and help them to feel comfortable.
We will be introducing the children to lots of messy activities, including body painting, food play, colour changing with food colouring to help enhance their early mark making skills. We will also be enjoying water play, as I am sure they will be in need of a bath afterwards.
Brenda, Liz, Paula, Sharon and Barbara

Little Group
Hello to all our new children and families. We will be looking at water and rainfall over the next few weeks, playing with water and adding different things such as food dye, paint and bubbles etc.
Can we please ask for family photos and water bottles for the children please.
Lesley, Chloe & Zoe

Younger Middle Group
Welcome to all children new to our group, over the next couple of weeks we will be helping the children settle in their new room and observing their individual needs.
We will be starting on our new topic ‘our families’ which will give the children lots of opportunity to develop their language skills, we would appreciate if you could send in some family photos to help with this.
If you are thinking about toilet training your child and need any advice, please feel free to talk to any of the staff and we will work together to master it.
Nicola Lindsay & Leonie

Older Middle Group
Welcome to all the children new to our room, we will do all we can to help you settle in well. We will be getting to know each other with our new topic ‘all about me’ getting to know all your likes and dislikes and talking about family and friendships.
Can we please remind parents to bring a change of clothes, including underwear to nursery. If your child is toilet training lots of extra underwear would be appreciated.
Kerry, Jo & Jenna,

Top Group
We would like to welcome all our new children into the group. The children have now been allocated a keyworker group, which in the hall is in the form of animals. We have Gemma’s amazing aligators, Lyndsey’s lively leopards, Adele’s clever chameleons, Natalie’s marvellous monkeys and Elaine’s excellent elephants. We will personally introduce ourselves.
Over the next couple of weeks your child will be learning and getting used to a new routine, we are introducing them to our jolly phonics scheme, shortly we will be asking for your help in bringing in an item to support the letter of the week. Our visit topic is ‘Teddy bears’ if possible could you bring in a labelled bear please to support our activities.
Please check if your child’s water bottle is in need of replacing, children’s pegs and trays are allocated inside the classroom.
Gemma, Adele, Lyndsey, Natalie and Elaine.